Interested or have questions about Membership at North Ridge Church?

We warmly welcome you to join us for the Membership Lunch coming up this month.  Sunday March 26th, 12:30-2:00 in the CE Long Missions Center.  The Membership Lunch is open to those who would consider joining NRC officially, and while attending does not obligate anyone to become an official member, it is a required step in becoming a member.  We previously had March 19th as an option for this Lunch, that date is now unavailable.


Steps for Membership

If you're new to North Ridge, we recommend that you attend a Welcome Lunch if possible. It is not required, but suggested as a helpful place to start. We will be glad to help walk you through the following requirements for membership:

1. Membership Lunch
Discover key aspects of the beliefs, history, and vision of North Ridge Church and the Christian & Missionary Alliance

2. Membership Application & Elder Interview
Complete a basic questionnaire and share with some of our Elders about your personal testimony

3. Membership Commitment
Be welcomed into fellowship as a member of NRC during a Sunday morning service, upon expressing your Commitment of Membership.


Your Info

Spouse's Info (if applicable)

Other Info

At the Membership Lunch, we'll share more with you about North Ridge Church and the Christian & Missionary Alliance- and most importantly what we believe about God, His Word, and His purposes for us. We'll share things we want you to know and understand about who we are and what's important to us as you consider joining as a member.  But this should also be a two-way conversation!  We want to know what's on your heart and mind as well- what is especially important to you as you consider joining? What questions would you like to have addressed during the Membership Lunch or in other ways?

Lunch Info (March 26th)